Ibrahim Hissein Bourma

ibrahim-hissein-bourmaIbrahim Hissein Bourma is the founder and CEO of Oum Alkheir Holding in Chad.

The holding is made of three activity sectors :

  • Iby Motors is specialised in automobile
  • Iby Fashion is specialised in Fashion for men and women
  • Imperial Construction


Established in Chad, home country of its founder Ibrahim Hissein Bourma, Iby Fashion is a rising star in Africa’s luxury industry. The company recently merged with Iby Motors, which is developing its expertise in the automotive industry, and Imperial Construction, recognized for the quality of its earthmoving, its development and maintenance of roads, and its water drilling, giving birth to Oum Alkheir Holding. The goal? Access to ever-greater opportunities.

The luxury textile market is flourishing in Africa: importation of major brands, franchise openings, African designers who have conquered the world with their creations, and the development of efficient, attractive infrastructures. This is the context that the

Oum Alkheir Holding group, through its intermediary, has decided to invest in the area of fashion and luxury textiles. Ibrahim Hissein Bourma, the 27-year-old Chadian entrepreneur had the idea of bridging the gap in Chad, in terms of the textile industry, using his country’s extraordinary resources in raw materials.

While Iby Fashion began by selling European luxury ready-to-wear brands, in Chad and central Africa, in the CEMAC zone, the company has now added its own original creations. Produced in its own workshops, classic and modern, African and Western, the entire range of clothing is custom made with enormous expertise. Iby Fashion’s success is growing. Thus, Oum Alkheir Holding is planning to open two new stores, one in the United Arab Emirates, in Dubai, and the other in Montreal, in Quebec.

Designed to extend beyond Chad’s borders and the African continent, based in a country that is gradually opening up to the luxury market and the world, Iby Fashion has a beautiful future ahead.